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Dario Vidal

Projektisuunnittelija / Kyamk
Wood Academy

Dario Vidal has been part of numerous projects in the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. The young designer has specialized in parametric modeling, generative design, and digital fabrication. During his two-year work placement in the University he has developed various concepts together with a team of students as well as professionals from multicultural backgrounds. Their latest work, the PuuDoo bus stop located in Kasarminmäki, Kouvola, was featured in the last Puu magazine. He has lived in Mexico City, Barcelona, Helsinki and Kouvola, where he has acquired international knowledge and skills within the industry.



16:10 : Terveellinen ja parantava ympäristö (Sali C)
Kainuun sairaalan sisäänkäynnin restoratiiviset puuratkaisut